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Built-in system feature set and UC server provide various applications and collaboration features to meet a variety of customers needs.

Modular All-IP Architecture

As modular all-IP architecture, iPECS UCP enables flexible and cost-effective multi-site deployment with a industry-unique architecture. T-NET (Transparent networking) is up to 100 call servers for local and geographical survivability with PSTN failover. Intelligent gateway modules can be deployed at any locations.
And high reliability with server redundancy and power redundancy is provided for seamless communications.

Emergency Call Service

iPECS UCP provides various emergency call services (Emergency call, Emergency call recording, Emergency call monitor and Emergency/SOS paging etc.) by the system itself. With embedded emergency call service, users can take action rapidly for various emergency situations. For effective management, all emergency calls are monitored and recorded in the emergency mailbox.

One Number Service

iPECS UCP provides one number service to users anywhere on any device. Users can have a consistent experience over multiple devices with seamless call control between devices. For example, when a user’s master station receives a call, all devices will receive the call simultaneously. With one number service, users can experience business communication’s continuity.

Embedded ACD

iPECS UCP provides an embedded intelligent ACD engine. ACD features provide flexible incoming call routing, easy to use agent features, real-time monitoring and supervision, and call record statistics as well as ACD event messages for management reporting. The caller may receive announcements then route to an available agent. When no agent is available, calls queue to the group awaiting a free agent. With simple ACD features, an agent’s work productivity can be increased. Also, supervisors can easily monitor and report with Agent call monitor and ACD statistics report features.

Integration with 3rd Party Solution

iPECS UCP provides integration with 3rd party solutions for hospitality and healthcare industries. iPECS UCP provides a cost-effective way to use the existing solution with high compatibility. Generally, direct or middleware integration is supported. When user has a local solution, it can be easily integrated and offer more convenient iPECS features than before through various middleware support. Usually it can be integrated with diverse hospitality and healthcare solutions. With iPECS UCP’s high compatibility, interworking with diverse local customized solutions is possible.

Multi-Tier Mobility and Mobile Extension

iPECS UCP is maximized for mobility solutions. Users can construct multiple mobility solutions for both in and out of the office . In the office, IP DECT, DECT and Wi-Fi phones are available. And out of the office, iPECS UCS mobile client covers rich communications features for mobile workers. In addition, Mobile extension feature is provided for seamless communications and ease of use. Through Mobile extension, calls can be seamlessly and easily moved back and forth between a desk phone and mobile phone.

Embedded Voice Mail

iPECS UCP delivers sophisticated and easy to use voice mail services by default and seamlessly expandable as required. Embedded voice mail channels are provided for great cost advantages. (UCP100/600 : Max 8 channel by default) Also, many valuable voice mail features to enhance customer interactions are provided. (Multiple user greetings, E-mail notification, VM cascading, Centralized or Distributed voice mail services for multi-location businesses and Multi language service etc.) These features are designed to increase user’s usability and productivity.

Easy Audio Conference

iPECS UCP provides a built-in audio conference bridge for cost-effective collaboration and it can be seamlessly expanded as required. With embedded conference features, users can collaborate easier than ever. There are 3 types of audio conference features. Conference Groups: pre-created conference members can easily initiate a group call to all members. Conference Rooms: pre-assigned conference rooms members can join the conference room with a password at any time with any device. And lastly, Ad-hoc Conference: a multi-party conference can be easily set-up by the initiator in real time. Conference room maximum is 160 groups and 32 parties per each conference.

Simplified Multiple Call Handling

iPECS UCP provides multiple call handling for user’s seamless communications. A desktop phone’s DSS button can be assigned as a multiple calls handling button. (Max 48 buttons) With an pre-assigned button, users can easily handle multiple calls. For example, when a user is busy on a call and another call is presented to the station, the user can easily decide to answer or transfer as pop up CID information through the pre-assigned button. When a user decides to answer, the first call is placed on hold automatically.

Simple Deployment and Management

iPECS UCP is well organized with multiple levels of user-friendly administration tools. With an enhanced Installation wizard and Web-admin, IT managers can deploy and manage the system with ease. With intuitive and customizable Web-Admin, users can program and maintain the system via local or remote connection. In addition, an embedded system monitoring service has various alarm services. System alarm events and in-advance alerts can be notified to a pre-assigned email so that the system can be managed in an appropriate way. (Alarm from external alarm relay contacts, Emergency call notification, Bath alarm, Fault information, Capacity full and License expiration etc.) Also, there is a ‘Web User Portal’ for end-users to deliver fast customization by themselves. End-users can easily set up basic personal settings (Call Forward, Mobile Extension, Message, Voice Mail, Station Name etc.) anywhere via desktop or even on a mobile.

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