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To remain competitive, you must use every weapon in your arsenal and acquire new ones when they can offer help. T1 lines are so powerful and useful that they deserve a place on your tool belt. A PRI is a 24-channel T1 circuit that can be used for multiple voice & data applications. While utilizing up to 23 channels for inbound and outbound calling, a PRI offers the flexibility of Direct Inward Dial Numbers (DIDs) and features such as Caller ID with Name. The popularity of PRI is due primarily to the cost savings and its host of integrated features.

What are the advantages of Voice PRI Circuits over POTS Lines?

Mid- to large-size companies will see significant cost savings in Monthly Recurring Charges and per-minute Usage Charges. While this is good for your bottom line, you’ll also enjoy powerful features that give you the flexibility you want from today’s advanced telecom systems. With the integration of DIDs (a standard PRI feature), calls can be routed directly to an employee’s phone or to voicemail, freeing up your receptionist for more efficient office-related tasks.

To understand more about how T1 works and what it can do for your day-to-day operations, please contact our offices to speak with one of our voice and data T1 specialists. They are available for telephone bill audits, and will recommend a T1 provider that’s right for you.

What equipment do I need for my PRI Trunk?

PRIs can work with any Toshiba PRI-ready PBX. In most cases, the costs savings our customers have enjoyed with PRI have justified the cost of upgrading their equipment to handle PRI. Let’s see if we could do the same for you.

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