Keep talking.

Don’t only take the call; take charge of it. From standard voice lines to the most advanced telephony features, Compu-Phone helps you design and implement robust, customized solution for your everyday voice needs. But that’s not all. These days, when large business deals are entrusted to phone conversations, you literally can’t afford to lose connection even for a second. That’s why we regard service quality and reliability as the benchmark for our phone service offers. This ensures that all our solutions bring the most up-to-date technologies to the forefront of any communications network.

Our “single point of contact” promise.

Compu-Phone can facilitate orders for Verizon FIOS, as well as Internet and dialtone for Time Warner and Optimum on the basic level. On a more advanced level, we handle T1 and fiber solutions. This means that you get a single company to manage both your equipment and telecomm services. Consequently, you won’t experience any of the “finger pointing” that is often associated with integrated technologies. From implementation through testing and completion, Compu-Phone is your single source for all your communications needs, and if you ever experience any phone-related issues, we are just one call away.

Voice solutions include:

– Local Business Lines (POTS)

– Local Direct Inward Dial (DID) Trunks

– Primary Rate Interface T-1 (PRI)

– Long Distance & International

– Point-to-Point Circuits

– Voice over IP

– SIP Trunks

– Network Diversity

– Bundled Solutions

– DSL service

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