Easy: Said and done.

If there is any one thing that educational facilities, warehouses and office share, it is a critical need for effortlessly locating personnel and other members anywhere on the grounds. Compu-Phone’s cutting-edge virtual paging solutions come in three distinct flavors that cater to each environment’s respective needs. Best of all, they readily integrate with all our telephone systems including VoIP, traditional trunkports and standalone single-line phones.

Classroom Paging

Need to assemble an ad-hoc staff meeting? Looking for a single student or particular group of students? No problem. Public address and paging makes it easy to get the message out to all corners of the campus. Multi-building integration creates a paging network to create a unified VoIP-ready system. And with flexible paging parameters, you can choose to address the entire school or specific areas only.

Warehouse Paging

Our straightforward, easy-to-manage warehouse paging is arguably the easiest way to keep your entire team on the same page (no pun intended). No matter the size or layout of your facilities, Compu-Phone paging solutions help you improve productivity and efficiency. One of our most useful features is instant-select zone paging, which allows you to communicate with any combination of zones without disturbing others.

Office Paging

It’s never fun having to chase employees around the office and around town. The good news is that Compu-Phone office paging puts you back into the driver’s seat: Easily find your staff even if they’re away from their posts; reduce time wasted on callbacks; directly address any combination of zones; grant door entry remotely; and spread security notifications over loudspeakers, visual signs and computer popups.