Integrated Presence

  • Instant decision on reachability by status color
  • Save time and cost through real-time communications with people
    who are available for collaboration
  • Integrated DND setting is available for both iPECS UCS client and
    desk phone at the same time

Instant Messaging, SMS and Note

  • Various chatting mode (1:1, 1:N, Ad-hoc)
  • Inviting others by drag and drop
  • Packet encryption by AES
  • Send and receive text message to other internal iPECS system or
    external SMS users
  • Leave a note for offline iPECS UCS user

Instant Messaging, SMS and Note

<Audio Call>

  • Call popup : Display caller’s information based on CID
  • MS Outlook popup : Display caller’s contact information
    in MS Outlook based on CID
  • Call memo : Noting important information during a call

<Audio conference>

  • Based on built-in audio conference system
  • Easy conference building by graphical user interface and
    drag and drop
  • Conference control features : Invite, Remove, Mute,
    Changing Master, Record

Account Creation and Maintenance

  • User creation only one time in PBX
  • Automatic user synchronization with Active Directory
  • Maintain the information consistency with Active Directory

MS Outlook Synchronization

  • Synchronization with MS Outlook contact and schedule
  • Contacts registered to MS Outlook are synchronized to iPECS UCS users’ private directory
  • If private option is activated, the schedule is not opened to the shared
    users from the iPECS UCS
  • Easy dialing phone number on MS Outlook contact

MS Exchange Server Integration

  • MS Outlook schedule synchronization with or without
    iPECS UCS login
  • Option 1 : Integration with local MS Outlook client
  • Option 2 : Synchronization between MS Exchange server
    and iPECS UCS server

Organization chart

  • Hierarchy tree view in organization table
  • Member’s presence status
  • Diverse view modes of organization chart
  • Member view table customization
  • Member sort by IM, phone status and so on
  • Immediate organization refresh manually
  • Periodic organization update by time setting
  • Automatic update of Non UCS users’ phone numbers (Extensions)
  • Searching user by text

Video Call & Conference

  • Build face to face conference at anytime, anywhere
  • Maximum 9 party, 8 group video conference
  • Video resolution : QCIF, CIF, VGA, 4CIF (704 x 480/576)
  • Ad-hoc conference
  • Meet-me conference and e-mail notification
  • Application sharing during conference
  • Remote monitoring, still shot
  • Presentation mode (1:32)

Click to Call

  • Easy dialing in web and windows application
    ① Capturing numbers by mouse dragging
    ② Call in the Quick Call Control Bar or the Call Assistance

Call Control

  • Call control in bound desk phone on iPECS UCS desktop client
  • Most call control function can be executed by one click or
    drag and drop (Answer/Drop/Deny/Transfer/Hold/Park)
  • Flexible button sync between deskphone and UCS desktop client*
    * Support only in UCS call control client

Visual Voice Mail

  • Automatic synchronization with system voice mail board
  • Non serial access to a message
  • Supporting in desktop client and mobile client


  • More effective and productive work with outhers
  • File Send
  • Program sharing
    – Application : Sharing documents, spreadsheets, presentations and drawing in real time
    – Desktop : Sharing desktop screen
  • Web push : Sharing web page address
  • Whiteboard : Sharing drawings and free-form text

Supporting Multiple Call Server

  • Integrated UC management for multiple call servers
  • Register more than 2 call servers to one iPECS UCS server
  • Share user’s presence registered at different call server

Client Virtualization

  • iPECS UCS Server : Runs on VMWare, Citrix and MS Hyper-V
  • iPECS UCS Windows Client : Runs on VMWare, Citrix and MS Remote Desktop Service

Active Directory based Single Sign On

  • Login to iPECS UCS without inputting ID and Password
  • Improves customer satisfaction by quick and simple login process
  • Use the same as the account of Active Directory

CRM Integration

  • Support integration with wide range of CRMs (MS Dynamics CRM,, LDAP, etc.)
  • Dialing (Click call) straight from your CRM, accounts package, website or any desktop application
  • Show name of caller in preview window and CRM screen pop-up
  • Simultaneous search of multiple address books
  • Support URL based CRM