We’ll make the connections.

Compu-Phone is dedicated to providing the best service possible. We never outsource our cabling work to freelance squads.

Quick to Install

At Compu-Phone, we maintain our own telecommunication setup professionals, experts in all low-voltage categories. These include analog and IP phones, network data cables, CCTV and security cables. What this means to our customers is that they can expect the absolute quickest response times, schedule availabilities, and repair services as needed.

Willing & Able

Because we have our people do the cabling, we can keep a record of what your setup looks like and what was done on your behalf. In the event of a repair call, we’ll have the answer and the fix for you with virtually no time off the hook.

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Not a Compu-Phone customer?

No worries. Whether you have purchased your phones through our company or not, be sure to have our team of expert installers on speed dial. We offer professional setup, cabling and repair services for traditional and VoIP phone systems, and will be happy to accommodate you in every way. No strings attached.