You're In Control

With cutting-edge applications for both mobile and desktop – such as Toshiba’s IPMobility, UCedge, and apps running on the Strata Media Application Server – you’re empowered to take absolute control of every aspect of your telecom network. Smoothly and comprehensively distribute calls as you wish, optimize contact center operations, increase customer satisfaction, and improve efficiency in ways that positively affect your bottom line. Your team will no longer be exclusively bound to their desks.

Mobile Apps



IPMobility, allows the mobile device to act as an extension of the office desk phone by providing a single-number reach to the user. With single-number reach, the mobile device can be used interchangeably with the office phone to make and receive calls. Presence status such as ‘busy,’ ‘out of office,’ can also be set, allowing the user to designate handling of incoming calls. The user can also easily access key voice messaging functionality and manage administration of the voice mailbox without dialing into the voice mail system and navigating key presses or voice commands.


UCedge is Toshiba’s Unified Communications client application that empowers users to take their office calls and instant messages on their mobile phones just as if they were at their desks. It is compatible with Toshiba’s cloud-based telephone solutions for business users. UCedge provides users with enhanced presence information; single and group instant messaging including multiple simultaneous sessions; and broadcast messaging. It also integrates with Toshiba’s IPMobility solution, providing single-number reach for both incoming and outgoing calls, so users only need to provide their office telephone numbers to make and receive calls on multiple endpoint devices. With IPMobility integration, users are also able to access advanced system calling features, including direct-extension dialing, call transfer, call record, and more.

Automatic Call Distribution

ACD sports features that ensure calls are handled quickly and efficiently. These include advanced call routing such as skills-based routing, priority queuing, multiple group agent login, agent priority routing, intelligent announcements, IVR voice assistant, computer integration and synchronization, call recording/logging, and call center reports.

Network Automatic Call Distribution

Network ACD applications enable multi-site contact centers to work as one integrated call routing system. It provides look-ahead routing to check the status of agents in other nodes, then routes calls to available agents on any CIX system on the network. It also supports features such as network DSS/BLF and/or chat between users in multiple nodes.

Call Recording & Monitoring Tools

Tracer and Tracer Replay let you record, monitor, store, organize, search, and playback calls to avoid call disputes and improve training and service quality. Bookmarks are automatically inserted in every recording whenever calls are transferred or put on hold, and after-call actions include email or SMS generation, or other program launch.

Call Reporting

Online access makes it easy to view customized call statistics and management reports on everything from statistics and agent performance to forecasting tools, auto reports, and more using PC-based reporting solutions ideal for use with ACD applications. You can even view screen displays for enhanced supervisory monitoring of ACD activity.


TASKE Contact is a robust management application that boasts real-time call activity monitoring, current day activity quick-review, a multitude of reports, and much more. It is further enhanced by add-on modules such as DisplayCentral, Desktop and a Workforce Management interface, and is manageable from virtually anywhere over the Internet.

Call Router

Call Router optimizes communications and customer interactions, greatly shortening call times. It combines your business rules with specific caller information to deliver calls to appropriate destinations within your organization. By interacting with Tracer, it tags calls for archiving. It also supplies screen pops of customer information to agents on call.

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Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Toshiba’s Call Manager leverages the combined power of your computer and phone for features like instant messaging, computer-synchronized call functions, customer data capture, flexible call recording with automatic bookmarking, call monitoring, after-call actions, computer-controlled call-handling functions, and automatic log creation.

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