Applications for Business Performance

Every business has different communications needs and meeting these needs is critical for your business communications solution. iPECS UCP offers various applications and mobile clients for you to fulfill the different needs and requirements of your business.

iPECS Attendant Office

IP based Attendant application for quick and easy call handling

  • Easier management of call handling : Ease of use for an attendant, Quick and easy call handling with simple clicking or drag and drop
  • Wait time and priority based call handling with caller information
  • Phone and status presence based call routing
  • Embedded IP softphone : Various call features of iPECS platform
  • Directory service/phonebook management
  • Productivity enhancement features :
    Video call, Conferencing, Call recording, Text messaging, E-mail notice,
    Emergency call monitoring, etc.

iPECS Attendant Hotel

Effective front desk and staff work

  • Maximize guest service
  • Effective Call Management
  • Productivity features :
    – Various Hotel features
    – Various and quick alternative contacts
    – Flexible and configurable layout and user interface
    – Statistic report and Snapshot of group monitoring
    – Local language support


Optimized and integrated IP Call Recording solution

  • Simple and cost effective solution designed by a single vendor
    – Single IP connection for all call and all terminal recording
    – Cost effective single server call recording
    – Support server redundancy
  • Powerful value added features
    – Voice packet encryption and call recording at the same time
    – Flexible deployment without limiting functionality
    – Agent monitoring
    – Remote maintenance and automatic alarming
  • Intuitive user interface
    – Users can easily access the recording files over web browser
    – Intuitive graphical display
    – Powerful statistics features with real time graphic view and search options
    – User base access level management

iPECS ClickCall

Standard windows application for easy dialing

  • Click to call from any selectable number in Windows application
    – Easy dialing of selectable number from Windows applications
    – Show dialed call log up to 10
    – Exit/Setup only through the icon in Windows tray
    – Setup dialing information
    – Multi language support
  • Call control client without voice module
  • Easy installation : Simple call client without dedicated server


Multi-channel IP Contact Center solution

  • Contact Center solution integrated with iPECS platforms
    – Seamless and tighter integration with iPECS UCP
    – Constant development path for iPECS CCS
    – Valuable packaging with other applications
    – iPECS IPCR is provided for a call recording
  • Best suite for small and medium sized Contact Center
    – Cost effective bundles for basic contact center with iPECS Platforms
    – Easy installation and operation with intuitive and simple functions
  • Benefits of all software solution
    – Software based media processing through SIP
    – No PSTN media interface card
  • Next generation single multimedia solution
    – Email, Voice Mail, Fax, Web chat
    – Social interface (Twitter, Facebook)
    – Multimedia outbound Tele-Marketing

iPECS Report Plus

Real-time monitoring and reporting for small sized Contact Centers

  • Call distribution based on built-in ACD functionalities of call server
  • Saving and displaying call accounting and ACD data generated from
    call server
  • Real-time information display for supervisor and management
  • Personal statistics for agent reporting and performance review
  • Agent Control by supervisor in Agent Web Client
  • iPECS IPCR is provided for a call recording

iPECS RCC Gateway - MS Lync/SfB Integration

Cost effective solution to use iPECS voice in MS Lync/SfB

  • 2 types of iPECS RCCV client
    – RCCV-RCC (Remote Call Control), RCCV-VC (SIP Voice Client)
  • RCC Mode for desktop phone call control solution : MS Lync/SfB with iPECS RCCV Client and desktop phone
    – Remote call control for iPECS desktop phones in iPECS RCCV Client
    – Desktop phone status updated to MS Lync/SfB presence
  • VC Mode for SIP voice communication solution : MS Lync/SfB with iPECS RCCV Client
    – iPECS RCCV Client as a SIP extension
    – No iPECS RCC Gateway needed
    – MS Lync/SfB calls for MS Lync/SfB clients
    – iPECS RCCV Client soft phone status updated to MS Lync/SfB presence


A powerful web based Network Management tool designed to
improve operation efficiency, permit rapid response to system alarms, and access remote, use statistics and alarm notification

  • Fault management and real time system monitoring
  • Web based client access
  • Traffic statistics

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