Phone Systems

Your business telephone equipment should adapt to you, not the other way around. With Toshiba’s choice of systems you can expand on demand. Easily add advanced capabilities to an existing, on-premise CIX system, or start out with a new IP-based telephone solution. Work smarter, not harder.


Voice Processing

Go beyond the dial tone with automated attendant, call routing, telephone answering, voice messaging, audiotext, call screening, message notification, LCD feature prompting with soft key operation, call recording, networking and more. Helps you provide callers with instant attention, responsiveness, and information access.


For the next generation in always-on telecom solutions, choose cutting-edge, intuitive and reliable smart applications for both mobile and desktop. They deliver absolute control of your telecom network right to your hand, so your team can handle everything on the go and on the fly without being bound to their desks.


Multi-Site VoIP

Call on multi-site VoIP for solutions that effortlessly unite your multiple locations with a single point of administration.


Proper wire management is critical to any network infrastructure and the deciding factor of a healthy communications environment.


and even more.

See them all.

“People at Compu-Phone are prompt, efficient, and very knowledgeable. ᅠThey are extremely responsive, and are available 24/7. ᅠI could not run my practice without a dependable phone system.”

“I have many very good words to write down for Compu-Phone, but this will need many pages, So very short I said “Once you try Compu-Phone you will never go else”

I’m am very pleased and impressed with the prompt, helpful and knowledgeable service! we just purchased a full IP based PBX system and we have roughly 120 users. the job went seamlessly.

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